Proudly serving the Central Maine area in dance education for 38 years!

"The dance classes are great and my girls love every minute of them. But, as a father, something that has always stood out to me about Laurie's School of Dance is the positive atmosphere. Miss Laurie and all of her assistants stand out as exceptional role models for these young women. In today's world, knowing that my girls are not only learning to love dance, but are learning in a positive, morally grounded atmosphere is fantastic. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Laurie's School of Dance - it's exceptional!" -Lance Paradis of Sidney, Maine

"I remember trying on my first pair of ballet shoes as Miss Laurie explained to me what I could expect at my first ballet class. I was five years old, excited to how to dance, and unaware of how much my years at Laurie's School of Dance would help me grow both as a dancer and as a person. Fast forward 13 years, and I was a graduating senior at Laurie's School of Dance, performing my tap solo onstage. it was an incredibly proud moment in my life. Dancing at LSD provided me with 13 years of confidence building, lifelong friendships with fellow dancers, and a love of dance that has continued into adulthood. Fast forward 12 years from that final tap solo, and I now see Laurie's School of Dance from a new perspective; that of a mother of a budding ballerina. When my daughter Emily expressed a desire to dance, there was no doubt in my mind that sending her to learn from Laurie was the best choice. As 3 year old Emily walked into the studio for the first time, it was a "full-circle" moment for me. Behind me on the wall of the waiting room was a picture of me on the recital program cover from my senior year, and in front of me in the studio my 3 year old daughter was learning how to do plie for the first time (with a HUGE smile on her face!). Watching my daughter gain confidence, make new friends, and begin her own love of dance at Laurie's School of Dance is a treasured gift that Laurie and her family have passed down from me to her, and for that I am incredibly thankful. I can't wait to watch both my daughters learn and grow as dancers and as people in the years to come." -Bethany Campbell Carlton of Fairfield, Maine

"When you sign your child up for classes at Laurie's School of Dance, not only will your child receive excellent dance lessons, but she/he will be in a very respectful, loving and caring environment. Our Daughter has taken classes with Miss Laurie for the past 12 years and beings her senior year this fall. She has grown to love dance more than anything and we attribute part of that to the wonderful encouragement that Miss Laurie has provided throughout the years. One of our daughters decided she wanted to try dance in 6th grade. We wondered how she would do knowing that many other students had been taking for much longer period of time. Miss Laurie made sure that she felt comfortable and helped her to "catch up" to the level of the other students in the class, so that she could be dancing with her peers. She enjoyed it very much. Laurie's is a family oriented dance school; all of her family member help out in one way or another. They all work hard to make it a positive experience for every student and they also work hard to keep it affordable. We have been impressed with the way in which Mr. Jim and Miss Laurie run their business. It's obvious that their desire to impart this way of expressing oneself to children of all ages is a top priority and their love of dance shines through everything they do. Thank you Miss Laurie and Mr. Jim!" -Marc and Sarah Sirois of Winslow, Maine