Proudly serving the Central Maine area in dance education for over 35 years!

Christmas Charity Showcase has taken place annually since 2012. This informal showing is a fun afternoon of routines the dancers have learned in less than six classes. It teaches them not only about dance and performance, but giving back to our local community. Below is the list of total donations and recipients.

2012: Sacred Heart Soup Kitchen $2500.00
2013: The Humane Society of Waterville $2,728.22
2014: Hospice of Waterville $3,000.00
2015: Muskie Center/Meals on Wheels $4,022.89
2016: Travis Mills Foundation $5,818.20
2017: Waterville Food Bank $8,267.20
2018: Humane Society Waterville Area $6,893.51
2019: 3 Food Pantries $7,057.00
2020: Salvation Army $2,186.64

Grand total donated: $42,473.65

College Scholarship At each spring performance, a graduate is picked at random to be the recipient of a $500.00 scholarship. This student must compete their fall semester with a 3.0 GPA in order to receive their scholarship money.

Winslow High School Drama Miss Laurie donates her time to choreograph the fall musical each year at Winslow High School. Shows have included Princess & the Pea, Into the Woods, Drowsy Chaperone and Seussical.

Food Drive Miss Laurie & Mr. Jim host a ice skating party for dancers and their families. We ask that each person participating in skating bring two food items to be donated to local food panties. Over the course of LSD's 35 years thousands of food items have been donated.